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Wii U Transfer Tool Wad Download

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Wii U Transfer Tool Wad Download

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I guess we need some good news for the day I took the bullet like someone who plays russian roulette with a fully loaded gun and decided to move all my stuff from my Wii to Wii U without removing homebrew because i forgot most of the procedures to update and i was lazy to look up that stuff.. I was in system menu 4 2 and updated the shop with DOP-shop Edit: none of the homebrew channels or applications transfer over.. It even moves uncopyable things like SSBB, fortune Street and MKWii save data Rejoice for those who wanted to completely ditch their old Wii. 1

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Note: If you are unable to transfer the title LostWinds, first redownload the game to make sure you have the latest version and then try the transfer again.. Lo and behold, the wii transfer tools worked fine on both sides and never asked anything about stuff like the homebrew channel and out of region games (the software even imported all the japanese saves i had and showed their names correctly lol) i guess this saves a lot of headaches to people since they can just move their stuff freely and leave the Wii as a homebrew-only box.. The following is transferred during the system transfer process between a Wii and Wii U: Wii Software Save Data WiiWare and Save Data Virtual Console titles and Save Data Add-on Content Wii Points These points will be combined with the points on the target Wii U system, but cannot exceed a combined point total that would exceed 10,000 Wii Points. HERE

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I can't use the 32gb of space to have more vc games on my wii u? Is it ok to put the wii transfer download onto an sd card that has vc titles on it also.. The pikmin sure work hard As a note, the homebrew i had installed was USB loader, d2x IOS and the homebrew channel.. The system checks your shop history to determine what comes over from the shop. Click

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